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 Welcome to the Natural Structure way of learning.  Natural Structure combines the unsecularized educational philosopy of Dr. Maria Montessori with the structure and content of a classical curriculum.  It is suitable for children of any age, from birth through high school.  Here you will find explanations of the philosophy and methods of Maria Montessori and descriptions of her didactic materials and their use.  You will also find a curriculum guide that is an application of NS. This curriculum guide will help you to choose and use appropriate materials to give your child a classical education using Montessori methods.
Natural Structure
A Montessori Approach
Classical Education at Home
One day, in great emotion, I took my heart in my two hands as though to encourage it to rise to the heights of faith, and I stood respectfully before the children, saying to myself: 'Who are you then?  Have I perhaps met with the children who were held in Christ's arms and to whom the divine words were spoken?  I will follow you, to enter with you into the Kingdom of Heaven.'  And holding in my hands the torch of faith I went on my way.
- Maria Montessori